Redditor Goes Viral After Sharing Story Of Partner’s $4K Master Chief Suit

A Redditor has gone viral after seeking advice on the website’s r/Relationship_Advice forum. User ThrowRAsimpin opened up about her boyfriend, asking Reddit what she should do regarding his expensive purchase of a Master Chief suit, from the Xbox franchise, Halo.

Credit: 343 Industries

The user writes: “I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year now, and he’s a really nice and sweet person. He always makes sure to give me his all, and genuinely cares about my happiness.

“Today I get home from work and automatically I notice a huge shipping box opened by the front door, I am intrigued but since it’s empty, I just keep walking towards the living room.

“Then I see him, on the couch, in a full master chief suit.”

Credit: 343 Industries

She goes on to explain that she’s told the suit set her boyfriend back a whopping $4,000, before asking Reddit if she’s right to be annoyed at the extravagant purchase when her boyfriend is currently unemployed. Explaining that the pair struggle financially, she asks for peoples’ opinions on the right way to handle the situation.

While many commenters called for the user to leave her boyfriend, others offered…ways to make your own Master Chief suit?

Credit: 343 Industries

Redditor saint-owl-art replied: “On a serious note if he cared about getting a Master Chief suit that much he should have just built one himself from EVA foam. You can get the stuff in bulk online for pennies on the dollar (the floor mat kind) and if you’re good enough you can even sell the suits you build for profit instead of driving yourself into debt.”

A number of people also misread the post, and thought her boyfriend had purchased a $4,000 Master Chef suit, which is whole separate thing.

My [21F] boyfriend [22M] spent $4k on a Master Chief suit, when he doesn’t even have a job from r/relationship_advice

If you have any advice for ThrowRAsimpin, check out the (hilarious) Reddit thread here.

Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries