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Gamers Report Xbox Series X Consoles Shutting Down At Random

Just a few days after its launch, reports are making the internet rounds stating that Xbox Series X consoles are seemingly shutting down at random.

As reported by GameSpot, it seems that quite a few owners of the next-gen console are claiming that their consoles are spontaneously shutting down.

Xbox series x
Credit: Microsoft

Reports on a thread for a Microsoft community help forum are growing by the day with customers claiming that their Xbox Series X consoles are shutting down after just a few seconds when starting a new game.

Some owners of the console have even tried reinstalling their games, which seemingly causes the shut-down followed by a full reset of the console. Apparently this hasn’t resolved the issue.

Xbox series x controller close up
Credit: Microsoft

GameSpot also reports that at least one of their staff members have encountered this very same problem. Sometimes the console will shut down seconds after loading up a game and, at other times, this can allegedly take up to 20 minutes.

When this has apparently happened, the console goes into full shutdown as you cannot power-up the console by using the game controller. The Xbox Series X has to be switched on via the console’s main power button which reboots with the Xbox start-up screen.

Series X
Credit: Microsoft

At this time there does not seem to be similar reports from the Xbox Series S, which released alongside the Series X console this week.

Hopefully this is something that Microsoft can fix quickly and it won’t turn into another infamous Xbox 360 “Red Ring of Death” scenario.

Vape pen next to Xbox
Credit: Unsplash/Microsoft

Just this week there were strange reports of loose screws being found in some Xbox Series X consoles and Microsoft has even issued a warning to not blow vape smoke into the console.

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