Screws Are Reportedly Already ‘Falling Out’ Of Xbox Series X Consoles

It seems that the Xbox Series X has more than a few screws loose according to at least one unhappy customer.

In a blog post from Jason Porembski of superco-opbros, the gamer details how they received their Xbox Series X on release.  They excitedly awaited its delivery and patiently stood by as the courier arrived and left the next-gen console at their door. Sadly, the box has a distinctive rattle.

Xbox series x
Credit: Microsoft

Concerned that perhaps one of the console fan blades may have snapped off, they shined their mobile phone light into the console to examine at close inspection. However they could find nothing. 


Then when turning the console upside-down, a long Torx screw fell into the palm of their hand.  Unclear as to where this screw came in the console Porembski searched the internet for some answers.

Despite their Xbox Series X currently working fine the gamer discovered that the screw in question seems to be a chassis screw as revealed in the video below from the 9 minute mark.

YouTube video

Porembski did tweet Xbox for some answers and also discovered that another Xbox Series X customer encountered the same problem as they did.


Loose screws aren’t the only issue reported by Xbox Series X|S gamers. One Twitter user shared a video of the sound their Xbox Series X makes when a disc is inserted. It definitely sounds far from healthy – check it out below.


Hopefully these issues are confined to just one or two units. Everything can experience a fault, after all, and the launch of new hardware is bound to come with a few imperfections.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft