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First Images Of Resident Evil Movie Reboot Show Off Set & Leon’s Look

The Resident Evil movie reboot is already shaping up to be a faithful recreation of its video game source material, and first on-set images revealing Leon’s look should be enough to get fans even more excited.

First up we have the fan-favourite location of the Kendo Gun Shop owned by the character Robert Kendo.

In the original Resident Evil 2 from 1998 you visit the gun shop very early on, with Mr Kendo pointing a gun to your face upon entering his shop. Fans will already no doubt have Kendo’s greeting of “Who are ya? What are ya doin here?” playing in their minds.

YouTube video

The on-set photos of the Kendo Gun Shop reveal the shop sign being very faithful to the 2019 remake rather than the 1998 original.

Also by the side of the on-set Kendo Gun Shop photo, fans may also notice the graffiti “This Too Shall Pass” which was first seen in the small basketball court as soon as you leave the Gun Shop from the original Resident Evil 2.

Then we have another fan-favourite location being recreated in the movie reboot: Emmy’s Diner which was first seen during the epic opening cut-scene for Claire Redfield where Leon S. Kennedy tells her to “get down” before popping a bullet into a zombie’s head.

Finally we have actor Avan Jogia talking in a clip while in costume for the character he is portraying in the reboot, Leon S. Kennedy.

During the video originally uploaded to his Tik-Tok account Jogia can be seen wearing the R.P.D uniform with the riot gear.

In my humble opinion so far, I really like the casting choices for the Resident Evil reboot and I love what I’ve seen via the on-set images.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom