Gamescom 2018: Everything We Learned About Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the upcoming offering from FromSoftware, the people behind a little game you might have heard of – Dark Souls.

The game is directed by the legend that is Hidetaka Miyazaki, who previously directed Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3, as well as Bloodborne, so Sekiro really couldn’t be in safer hands.

The third-person RPG is a highly-anticipated title of 2019, and is expected to deliver Dark Souls-esque mechanics in a traditional Japanese setting.
There’s also set to be some interesting changes to the tried-and-tested FromSoftware formula, including the ability to die twice (as the game’s title suggests).

We got a first-hand look at Sekiro thanks to Gamescom 2018, and it looks absolutely flawless.

Testing the game out, we can confirm that no matter how many times you’ve 100%-ed Dark Souls or Bloodborne – you’re in for an ass-whooping here.

FromSoftware has re-designed the battle mechanics from its previous hits, and you’ll need to adopt a whole new strategic combat style to tackle the foes in this epic game.

Our very own Brett Claxton, who tried out the game, said: “It has a Dark Souls vibe to it but the tempo to the game feels much more fast paced. Once you find your rhythm though it makes you feel like a badass.”

Jumping is encouraged more than rolling, and your play style could spell victory or defeat depending on your strategy. Take advantage of stealth mechanics, avoid detection for sneakier attacks and prepare for a game as challenging as we’d expect.

It’s just been announced that the game, which is due to release in 2019, will be getting a fancy AF collector’s edition to add to your ever-growing shelf of gaming history.

The collector’s edition will include a 7” shinobi statue, physical map, art book, digital soundtrack, replica game coins and a steelbook edition of the game. You can pre-order the collection right now.

Activision’s chief revenue office, Steve Young, announced at the event: “We can’t wait for fans to finally get their hands on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

“Fans will get a taste of the multiple tools available for the prosthetic shinobi arm this week at Gamescom, and will be able to fully dive into the brutal, dark world of 1500s Sengoku Japan when the game launches [this March].”

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is due to release 22nd March, 2019.

Will you be pre-ordering a copy, or are you still too invested in the Souls games right now?