The Dark Souls Trilogy Announcement Is Making Us Cry 

It’s been announced that the Dark Souls Trilogy – a collective bundle of all three games – will be releasing in October this year.

Namco announced the Dark Souls Trilogy as Gamescom 2018, confirming it would include Dark Souls Remastered, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin and Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition. 

Each game will come complete with all available extra content and add-ons, and the collection will be available in a fancy (and very collectible) steelbook case. 

It’s apparently going to be a limited-edition release and will be priced at $80. 

The news wowed Dark Souls fans across the world, but it’s now emerged that Europe won’t be able to get their hands on the collection. 


This is a pretty crushing blow for EU fans as there’s no alternative edition that’s been announced. Because of the game’s limited availability you’re probably going to be facing a pretty steep price hike on eBay if you’re in Europe and want to add the edition to your games library…

Oddly enough, the collection is releasing on the same date that Dark Souls Remastered comes to the Nintendo Switch – 19th October. 

This might actually hurt the sales of the Switch version of the first Dark Souls, which was already delayed past the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One copies. 

It’s not known how many copies of the Dark Souls Trilogy will be available, so if you want a copy for your collection you’ll have to act fast! 

The trilogy releases 19th October 2018. As confirmed by Namco, the edition will be available in the US and Asia. 

Sorry, Europe! 

YouTube video

If you were planning on picking up the Nintendo Switch version of the first Dark Souls game on the same date then don’t forget to nab yourself the Dark Souls amiibo too! 

They definitely will be flying off the shelves… 

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