Gamescom 2022: The latest Jackbox is bringing much needed changes to the game

Jackbox Party Pack has become a staple of many peoples gaming with friends routine. It’s easy to pick up, always fun and a great way to spend some time. Jackbox Party Pack 9 is bringing back a new version of the classic Fibbage and also some new games. Not just that though there’s some much needed updates that will make the experience better for everyone!

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What are the games?

At Gamescom this year we got to sit down with some of the team behind the game and find out more about the new games among other things. Let’s dive into the games first though.

Fibbage 4
Fibbage 4 is more Fibbage and that’s never a bad thing. Players get a real fact with a key word or phrase missing and need to enter lies to fit the blank space. If you guess the truth you get points but you also get points if people fall for your lies. There’s also some new things being added to this version of Fibbage too including Cookie’s VHS Vault, Fibbage Fan Questions and more.

A wizard has turned players into frogs. It’s now up to the players to earn back their human form by finding old objects and giving them an amusing story to increase their value. Think of it as Bargain Hunt meets an improv comedy session. The player with the biggest profit margin will get transformed back into a human… which is cool I guess but sometimes don’t you ever think about what it would be like to live the life of a frog? Just chilling on a lilypad living your best life.

Writing mixed with drawing and guessing makes Nonsensory a fun laid-back game to play with friends. Players must use their intuition to understand the nonsense going on in the minds of their friends. So much like real life but with a scoring system.

Roomerang is a game for those that love role-playing. Players are entered into a reality TV show world and encouraged to answer prompts as their persona. You’ve got to make yourself interesting enough to not get eliminated.

Quixort was the game that I got to go hands on wth at the show. It tasks you with figuring out the sequence of things go by taking a falling block and placing it in a row where you think it would fall (think of it like a chart or timeline).

For my game I had to figure out what items had the most horsepower and it definitely made for some interesting discoveries (although I’m quite proud with how accurately I guessed most of it.

New Backend

One of the interesting things I was told about Jackbox Party Pack 9 was how it has been improved for streaming. There will now be better tools for mods and it should hopefully be easier to get back in if you need to reconnect. This has required a complete rewrite of the backend and hopefully it means that there will be a better experience for everyone.

Jackbox Party Pack 9 is due out this Autumn on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. Will you be getting your friends over to play?