Better act fast!

GameStop Will Offer Exclusive Pokemon Card This Week

US retailer GameStop will be giving away an exclusive Pokemon card this week, but they’re expected to be gone pretty soon!

gamestop logo
Credit: GameStop

The reports come courtesy of PokeBeach [via ComicBook]. It’s stated that a promotional trading card featuring the Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon, Flapple, will be given out this coming Friday on March 19th.

While the card is non-holofoil, it will feature the GameStop logo stamp on the card.


Now, whether you’re a fan of GameStop as a company or not, I think you can guess what’s going to happen when the retailer gives out this exclusive Pokemon card this week.

You can pretty much bet your house on this one: resellers will likely acquire the exclusive card to sell on at a profit. We’ve recently seen this happen a lot in recent times, so it’s probably going to be a case of history repeating itself.

It goes without saying, but if you want this card, you might want to get to your local GameStop as early as possible. You might be leaving empty-handed if not!


GameStop has given away Pokemon cards in the past, much like retailer GAME in the UK.  

However, this promotional card from GameStop will be the first card with the retailer’s logo stamped on it, which will likely only increase its rarity value in the years to come.

gamestop logo next to pikachu
Credit: GameStop/Funimation

It’s worth mentioning that not everyone that shops at GameStop will be given the free promotional Pokemon card. To be eligible, customers will have to spend at least $15 on Pokemon merchandise.


PokeBeach also claims that GameStop might also be giving away a Gigantamax Flapple card from Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, that is an unconfirmed rumour at the time of writing (March 15th).

unhappy pokemon
Credit: The Pokemon Company/McDonald’s

In related Pokemon trading card news, McDonald’s had an awesome promotion which gave away free cards with every purchase of the Happy Meal. 

Sadly, however, once again cards were very difficult to acquire thanks to those pesky resellers! Someone needs to stop them!


Will you be visiting GameStop this week for the free Pokemon card? I hope you can bag one before those resellers get their greedy mitts on them!

Featured Image Credit: GameStop/Funimation