Gears Of War Movie Will Focus On Mass Appeal, Not The Games It’s Based On

For the cinema-goers and not the game fans?

Credit: Microsoft Game Studios

The upcoming Gears of War movie might have fallen victim to the dreaded video game-to-movie-adaptation curse before it’s even released, if a recent interview with Gears of War boss Rod Fergusson is anything to go by.

Speaking to IGN, Fergusson stated that the movie will stray from what fans of the games might be expecting, with the emphasis on it being a movie surpassing its history as a games series.

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Credit: Microsoft Game Studios

The Gears of War movie reportedly won’t be set in the same universe but instead in an alternate timeline.

Worryingly for fans of the games, Fergusson also said that the movie’s priority is on being a “great movie first” and a Gears of War movie second, which might leave a bitter taste in players’ mouths…

Credit: Microsoft Game Studios

“In order for the movie to be successful, it has to be a great movie first and a Gears movie second,” said Fergusson. “Basically the way that we sort of reconciled that was, we said, ‘oh the movie should be an alternate reality. It should not be dependent on the game story, nor should it influence the game story.’”


The comment doesn’t distill confidence in eager Gears fans who want to see their favourite scenes on the silver screen, as it looks like the studio is picking the appeal of the masses over the appeal to gamers.

Credit: Microsoft Game Studios

Fergusson justified the decision to keep the games and the movie separate by saying: “[The Gears of War movie] should not be dependent on the game story, nor should it influence the game story.”

Some familiar characters will still make an appearance in the movie. We know that it’ll still be set on Sera and that “certain characters” will be making an appearance.

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If you thought that Detective Pikachu might have broken the curse of video game movies then you might want to think again…

The Gears of War movie is yet to get a release date.

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