Genshin Impact Developers Is Cool With Your Fan Merch

Genshin Impact developers miHoYo have put out a post outlining guidelines for fan made merch, and they’re cool with it!

The post details how fans of the game can go about selling their merch, and specific rules around it. The guidelines are incredibly lenient, surprisingly so almost. “Travellers are free to create original secondary content from already published content of the Genshin Impact series and produce physical merchandise to give away or sell,” according to the post. While this is the case, there are some rules in place.

genshin-impact image
Credit: miHoYo

Firstly, Genshin Impact fanart used for unofficial merchandise has to follow relevant laws depending on the country. You’re also obviously not able to register a trademark in any country or region.

There are some restrictions on how much of a piece of merch you can make, depending on if you’re in a group or an individual. But if you go through official channels you might be able to get permission to go over this limit.

It’s great to see miHoYo take this stance on Genshin Impact fan merch. Often companies will file takedown notices for any kind of fan media. Nintendo is incredibly notorious for this for one. Fan merch acts as a celebration of the thing they love. And doesn’t necessarily lead to less sales for the IP holders.

More fan merch means more people getting interested in the game, meaning more sales. Viewing things through a business lens isn’t ideal, but at least fan creators can keep doing what they do best.

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Featured Image Credit: miHoYo