Genshin Impact Is Most Talked About Game On Twitter In 2021

Genshin Impact was the most talked about game on Twitter in 2021, according to some stats released by the social media site themselves.

It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone to hear that the massively successful Genshin Impact was the most talked about game on Twitter last year. You can’t step one foot forward without seeing a Xiao or a Childe.

The list also might contain a few surprises for some. Apex Legends, supposedly a ‘dead game’, came in at second on the list. Idol gacha game Ensemble Stars came in third, which is currently only released in Japan.

Credit: miHoYo

The rest of the list contains some unsurprising titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Minecraft, and Fortnite, the latter coming in at 10th surprisingly.

Twitter also provided some other interesting stats. Japan was the country that tweeted most about gaming, with the US and South Korea coming in second and third respectively. E3 was the most tweeted about gaming event, possibly for the last time. And CBLOL, Brazil’s League of Legend’s Esports league, was the most tweeted about esports league.

A mobile game being the most popular game on Twitter last year definitely speaks to where the industry is currently heading. Take-Two Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar Games, recently acquired Zynga for almost $13 billion. You will probably know Zynga best as the developer of Farmville. It is predominantly a mobile game developer, so with such a huge acquisition, it’s clear mobile gaming will grow in the coming years.

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Featured Image Credit: miHoYo