Ghostwire Tokyo: All Jizo Statue Locations

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statues offer a way to level up your spells to allow more ammunition to cast during combat. If you find yourself constantly running out of spells when fighting the Visitors that inhabit the streets of Tokyo, it might be a wise idea to seek out these Jizo Statue locations and add more to your arsenal.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue locations can be found dotted around the world as you explore. They look like a shrine bearing the image of Jizo, the guardian of children and travellers in Japanese culture. When you find one, simply walk up to it and follow the prompt to pray at the shrine. Depending on the type of shrine (fire, water, wind), you’ll add one new shot to your spells.


Here’s what a Jizo Statue shrine looks like:

Credit: Tango Gameworks

Below are the locations of every Jizo Statue in Ghostwire Tokyo. Altogether, there are 52 Jizo Statues in total spread out across the city. So you’ll have to search far and wide to maximise your powers. To get a closer look, right click the image (or hold your thumb down if on mobile) and open the image in a new tab.


Once you’ve found every Jizo Statue, you’ll have 60 Wind charges, 20 Water, and 12 Fire. That’s more than enough to face off against all the Visitors that have invaded Tokyo.

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Featured Image Credit: Tango Gameworks