God Of War Guide: All Horn of Blood Mead Locations

The sister item to the Idunn Apple, there are plenty of Horn of Blood Mead items scattered throughout the realms in God of War. Instead of increasing your maximum health, these items increase your maximum rage. 

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There are nine of them in total to collect, and they increase your maximum rage when you collect three at a time. This will allow you to stay in rage mode for a longer period of time, dealing more damage and unleashing more powerful attacks. They’re definitely worth hunting down if you’re having trouble in the later stages of God of War.

If you’re struggling to find all nine of the horns, we’ve got you covered. Here are all nine Horn of Blood Mead locations in God of War.

God of War – Horn of Blood Mead 1 – The River Pass

You’ll find this first chest not long after leaving your home at the start of the game. When you come across a room with spikes on the ceiling, you’ll spot the chest on top of the spikes and to the left. There are several runic jars scattered in the nearby area. Destroy all of these to unlock the chest. Be sure to check on top of the falling spikes to find all of them!

God of War – Horn of Blood Mead 2 – Foothills

This second chest can be found a little further into the story, just after you meet Sindri for the first time. Head to the right hand side of the field to find the chest. You’ll have to rotate a bunch of runes on poles, all of which are found nearby to the chest. 

God of War – Horn of Blood Mead 3 – Alfheim

The next two chests are found in Alfheim. As you approach the Ringed Temple, you’ll see a slope to the left hand side. Hidden behind a couple of pink tendons, you’ll see the chest. Once you’ve gained access to it, you’ll need to hit three bells within a certain time limit. They’re all easy to spot in the nearby vicinity – you’ll just need to get the timings nailed down.

God of War – Horn of Blood Mead 4 – Alfheim 2

The second chest in Alfheim is found after you find the light of Alfheim. As you’re about to leave the Ringed Temple, you’ll find the chest facing the exit door on a raised platform. Again, this is another timed affair. Hit the three bells to the left and right of the chest for it to unlock.

God of War – Horn of Blood Mead 5 – The Mountain

As you’re making your way through the inside of the mountain, you’ll come across another of the chests. This is another spinning rune puzzle with three poles located nearby to the chest. Match up the symbols to unlock the chest.

God of War – Horn of Blood Mead 6 – Witch’s Cave

You’ll find the sixth Horn of Blood Mead in the Witch’s Cave. Once the water has receded to its lower level, you’ll find the chest down a light bridge. Check on the nearby levels to find the three seals. Destroy them to unlock the chest.

God of War – Horn of Blood Mead 7 – Helheim

Be careful as this Horn is missable. At one point in the story, both Kratos and Atreus will travel to Helheim. Just before they’re about to board a ship to escape, there’s a chest to the left with a hidden Horn of Blood Mead inside. Look around the area to find the three seals that unlock the chest.

God of War – Horn of Blood Mead 8 – Veithurgard

You’ll find this eight chest to the eastern edge of Midgard in an area known as Veithurgard. It’s also here that you’ll find one of the three dragons that you can free in God of War. You can see the chest clearly around the same area as the dragon. This is another seal chest, all three of which are located nearby.

God of War – Horn of Blood Mead 9 – Fafnir’s Storeroom

This chest can be found when undertaking one of the side quests for the two charismatic dwarves. Alternatively, you can just head straight to the area, which is to the west of the map. It’s found out in the open among the forest trees. This is another timed bell challenge, so hit all of them within the time limit to earn the last Horn of Blood Mead.

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