God Of War Guide: How To Complete The Muspelheim Trials

Even after the credits roll on God of War, there’re plenty of things to see and do – some of which are the Muspelheim trials. Set in a fiery landscape, these are intended to push your combat skills to the absolute limit. To complete them, you’ll need to have your wits about you. If you’re looking to unlock some of the higher tier gear, and all of the achievements, you’ll need to complete them all.

Thankfully, the Muspelheim challenges can be tackled at any time. You can even leave them until after you complete the main story, if you like. Alternatively, you can tackle a few of them at a time and return to them later. A handy checkpoint system makes each challenge very easy to return to.

Think you’re up to the challenge? Here’s how to complete each of the Muspelheim Trials.

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God of War Guide – Getting to Muspelheim

First of all, you’ll need to find your way to Muspelheim. You can get there by finding language ciphers inside the purple chests with skulls on the front. These are regularly found throughout the main story, so keep playing to find four of them. It doesn’t matter which ones you find – the first four that you open will give you the language ciphers for Muspelheim. 

Once you’ve found four, head to the navigation room in the centre of the lake. From there, you’ll be able to travel to the fiery realm.

Credit: Santa Monica Studios

God of War Guide – Muspelheim Trial 1

Once you set foot in Muspelheim, you’ll find a massive sword sticking out of the ground. These are the trial markers from which you’ll start each of the six trials. There are two difficulty levels, and you’ll need to complete both to advance to the next level. Here are the challenges you’ll need to complete for Trial 1.

  • Normal – Kill enemies before time runs out
  • Hard- Kill enemies in quick succession

God of War Guide – Muspelheim Trial 2

Here are the challenges you’ll need to complete for Trial 2.

  • Normal – Survive for five minutes
  • Hard – Enemies quickly regenerate health

God of War Guide – Muspelheim Trial 3

Here are the challenges you’ll need to complete for Trial 3.

  • Normal – Kill grunts to break the elite’s shield.
  • Hard – Kill enemies while they are inside the gold rings.

God of War Guide – Muspelheim Trial 4

Here are the challenges you’ll need to complete for Trial 4.

  • Normal – Defeat 100 enemies.
  • Hard – Don’t let enemies capture Atreus.

God of War Guide – Muspelheim Trial 5

Here are the challenges you’ll need to complete for Trial 5.

  • Normal – Kill enemies to increase time.
  • Hard – Avoid taking damage.

God of War Guide – Muspelheim Trial 6

This is where Muspelheim throws you a curve ball. You might be expecting another set of tasks to complete – instead, you’re faced with a rather difficult Valkyrie. She’s one of eight that you’ll need to defeat throughout the nine realms. Here’s where to find the rest.

  • Valkyrie – Defeat Gondul
Credit: Santa Monica Studios

God of War Guide – Trials of Surtr

Once you’ve completed all of the trials, you’re not quite done. After defeating the Valkyrie, all of the swords will reappear with a new set of challenges called the Trials of Surtr. The difficulty of these are described as ‘Impossible’, so they’re a little tricker than the ones you’ll have already completed.

Defeating each of these will earn you the high tier loot rewards that you’ll need to craft the best items in the game, including the best armour. If you complete three of them, you’ll unlock the ability to start the Hidden Trials at the summit, where you fought the Valkyrie. Earning the Gold status on this final challenge will earn you a ton of rewards, including materials, hacksilver, and a shiny achievement to boot.

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