God Of War Guide: How To Unlock The Blades Of Chaos

The Leviathan Axe in God of War is easily one of its best features, but did you know that you can also unlock the Blades of Chaos in the game?

Using the Leviathan Axe never gets old. Yeeting it and recalling it back like Thor’s hammer is a feeling that keeps God of War’s combat fresh, right through until the end. However, we’re not going to say no to a little more variety when it comes to gameplay.

Luckily, Santa Monica Studios thought of that. In addition to the Leviathan Axe, you can also unlock the Blades of Chaos weapons to mow down your enemies. They’re capable of dealing damage in a wider area rather than focused hits like the Leviathan Axe. With fire damage also baked in, the runic attacks that come with the Blades of Chaos are truly lethal.

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Credit: Santa Monica Studio

God of War – Blades of Chaos Location

Thankfully, the Blades of Chaos are an unmissable item in God of War and actually play a huge role in the story. You’ll earn them around half way through the story, just after Kratos and Atreus obtain the Magic Chisel from Thamur’s Corpse. When the pair are ambushed by Modi, Atreus uses all of his power to save his father. This causes his sickness to return in a big way, and Kratos must travel to the depths of Helheim to recover the cure.

There’s a catch, however. His Leviathan Axe is no use in the frosty hellscape. To defeat enemies there, he’ll need a weapon borne of a different land. It’s then that Kratos travels back to his humble hut in the Frozen Woods to retrieve the Blades of Chaos that he thought he’d sworn off. They’re stored between the floorboards in his home. If you look carefully, you can actually spot the blades all wrapped up in one of the opening cutscenes.

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Once unlocked, you’ll get to keep them for the rest of the game. You’ll see a new skill tree appear in the menu filled with all sorts of combos for you to unlock. The Blades of Chaos are especially useful against some of the Valkyries in the end game. If you’re struggling to find all of them, here’s a handy guide to them all.

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[Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studios]