God Of War Guide: Where To Find All Dragon Locations

There are plenty of incredible spectacles in God of War, but few are grander than the three dragon encounters. You’ll no doubt have met and fought one of them in your time with the main story of God of War. It’s an absolute beast to take down, serving as one of the game’s most memorable boss fights. In addition to that one, there are three more dragons hidden in Midgard that are completely optional.

Fear not, however. You don’t have to fight these other three winged beasts at all. They’re actually quite friendly creatures, really. Instead, you’re tasked with freeing them from their imprisonment. You don’t have to hunt any of them down if you don’t want to, but you’ll need to free them all if you want to unlock all the God of War trophies. Freeing all of the dragons will unlock the trophy ‘Dangerous Skies’.

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You’d be forgiven for not running into any of the optional dragons, though. They’re fairly hidden away from prying eyes. Here are all the dragon locations in God of War.

God of War Dragon Locations – Fafnir

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The easiest of the dragons to find is Fafnir. He doesn’t require any prerequisite tasks to find so you can head there. However, you will need to have unlocked the shock arrows to access the right pathway. These are unlocked after you kill the first dragon in the mountain, just before you meet Mimir. 

To locate Fafnir, simply head towards the Alheim tower on the edge of the Lake of Nine. It’s to the North East of the lake. Once ashore, look for a cliff that’s obstructed by the red crystals. Use Atreus’’ shock arrows to get rid of the rubble and you’ll be able to progress ahead. Scale the cliff and look to your left – you should see a large set of doors. Head through them and you’ll see the dragon Fafnir directly in front of you.

Finding Fafnir will trigger the ‘Flight of Fafnir’ favour. The quest will guide you through how to free him, but it’s relatively simple. All you’ll need to do is destroy the three shrines that are situated around the dragon. Then head to the central column and get Atreus to destroy the seal with his knife. This will free Fafnir and you can move onto the next dragon.

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God of War Dragon Locations – Otr

The second dragon that you’ll want to hunt down is Otr. He requires a little more legwork than Fafnir to find, but he’s not too far away. Head to the other side of the Alfheim tower to find yourself in a channel to the East of the Lake of Nine. Dock at the place known as Stonefalls and progress up the cliffs. Once ascended, you’ll reach a mechanism that will open the huge gates in your path. Using this will open up the way to Veithurgard, a brand new area.

Sail through the now open gates until you find a dock on your right hand side. From there, progress up the main pathway until you see Otr right ahead. Otr can be freed in the same way as Fafnir – by destroying all three shrines. These are found all around the near vicinity, although one of which is located inside a temple structure to the left of the dragon.

Once you’ve destroyed all of these, head up the column in front of Otr and get Atreus to destroy it with his knife. This will free the second dragon in God of War and you’ll be ready to hunt down your last.

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God of War Dragon Locations – Reginn

Reginn will likely be the last dragon you will free because there are a few prerequisites to unlocking his quest. Brok and Sindir will point you in his direction, but not before you complete two favours for each of them. These will unlock naturally as you play through the game – simply speak to each of them at one of their respective shops.

Once you’ve unlocked the favour, you’ll be pointed in the direction of Konunsgard. The entrance way is located to the North West of the Lake of Nine, just below the Ruins of the Ancients. When you travel there, you’ll unlock the favour ‘Fire of Reginn’. Simple continue on down the pathway until you reach the big lad himself.

Freeing Reginn is just as simple as the other dragons in God of War. Hunt down the three shrines in the near vicinity to the dragon and destroy them. Then head over to the column in front of Reginn and destroy it with Atreus’ knife. Reginn will be freed and you will unlock the achievement ‘Dangerous Skies’. You’re now one step closer to unlocking the platinum trophy for God of War.

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