God Of War PC Mods Have Already Begun Piling In, Because Of Course

God of War on PC has only been out for a week and the mods have already begun piling in. Would you expect anything less?

The modding community is forever vibrant on PC, in fact, it’s one of the perks of gaming on the platform. Over the years community mods have proved that no one or nothing is safe. Kratos proved to be no exception.

god of war pc
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

That’s a fine moustache

Two of the mods that have been gaining a lot of attention is the clean-shaven Kratos mod from Disable PP. For which, might I say, Kratos is looking rather dapper with his gentleman’s moustache.

YouTube video

The other mod, however, is a little nightmare fuelled. Though I suppose it could be the mod of your dreams. No judgement here. The second mod of conversation makes Kratos’ eyes and jaw comically big. I mean, just look at what someone has done to my dapper Kratos!

Speedo Kratos is a matter of when, not if

god of war pc
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

In our review of God of War (PC), we said: “God of War is a narrative gem. What it lacks in pacing and agency, it more than triumphs in writing, acting, and directing. What it results in is a deeply emotive story about a familial relationships and the ties that bind us.

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Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio