God of War Ragnarok has bigger launch than Elden Ring

God of War Ragnarok has had a bigger launch than the likes of Elden Ring as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Furthermore, Santa Monica Studios God of War Ragnarok is the second biggest boxed game launch only behind FIFA 23 from Electronic Arts.

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Only FIFA 23 has sold more this year

As reported by Gamesindustry.biz, the newly released PlayStation exclusive has not only sold more boxed copies than Elden Ring and Modern Warfare 2 but also Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This is particularly impressive when you consider FIFA 23, Elden Ring and MW2 are all multiformat titles.

However, as noted by Gamesindustry.biz, the sales report is only related to boxed physical sales and is not digitally related. Days following its launch, it was also reported that Modern Warfare 2 had sold 2.83 million copies, 1.75 million of those were digital sales. Obviously, those numbers would have increased since that time.

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Credit: Activision/Infinity Ward

So, it remains to be seen how God of War Ragnarok competes with Modern Warfare 2 when the digital sales numbers come in. It is expected that the Ragnarok digital numbers will arrive later this week.

Most God of War Ragnarok sales are for PS5

The follow-up to the 2018 release is available for both PlayStation 5 as well as PlayStation 4. Gamesindustry.biz reports that 82% of sales were from PS5 and the remaining 18% were from PS4. 

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Credit: Santa Monica Studio

This is quite strange considering the fact that the PS4 version includes a free PS5 upgrade. What’s more, the PS5 version is on average about £10 more expensive. So, it seems that many have been spending more than they really need to. However, perhaps those willing to spend the extra £10 preferred the look of the PlayStation 5 case.

Angry gamers were missing the game

Let’s just hope that those physical numbers which included the Collector’s Edition and Jotnar Edition had copies of the game. On the launch of God of War Ragnarok, some gamers were reporting that those editions were shipped without the game.

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Credit: Santa Monica Studio

We reviewed God of War Ragnarok

In our review of God of War Ragnarok, we said it’s: “everything you loved about the previous title, but amplified. The longer story and expanded worlds give way for characters to develop in meaningful ways, making the whole game feel very much like a sequel worthy of its predecessor.

In case you missed it, God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring will battle it out for Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2022. Have you been enjoying the latest adventures of Kratos and Atreus? Let us know across our social media channels.

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