Godfall’s Endgame ‘Will Continue To Challenge & Reward Players’

Counterplay Games’ Godfall is nearly here, and though we’ve known about the game for a while now, there’s still a lot we’ve yet to get to grips with when it comes to the next-gen title – and Godfall’s endgame plans.

GameByte previously spoke with Dick Heyne, Technical Producer at Counterplay Games, discussing what it’s like to launch a new IP, what we can expect from the world builds, and new details on fetch quests, difficulty settings and more. But what about the gameplay itself? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Loot progression explained

Credit: Gearbox Software/GameByte

Godfall’s combat-heavy gameplay looks to be the title’s most powerful and exciting aspect, but looting also is going to be a huge part of the game. Counterplay has previously teased “robust loot progression systems,” but what does that actually mean? Well, Heyne has the answers.

Loot Vectors

“Think of the Valorplate as your ‘canvas’,” Heyne tells GameByte. “And the various loot vectors as layers of paint you apply to build a complete portrait.”

Heyne breaks it all down as follows:

  • Layer 1 -> Weapons – There are over 120 unique weapons in Godfall across the 5 weapon classes. I mentioned in a recent Arekkz interview that every weapon has a name and lore associated with it. Every weapon has a primary trait that is completely unique to it, along with secondary traits that are rolled from a pool of shared traits. Players can equip up to 2 weapons in their loadout.
  • Layer 2 -> Trinkets – There are 3 types of trinkets: Amulets, Rings, and Charms. Like weapons, every trinket has a unique primary trait associated with it. Players can equip 2 Rings, 1 Amulet, and 1 Charm in their loadout.
  • Layer 3 -> Lifestone – Similar to other pieces of loot, the Lifestone will have primary and secondary traits. However, this particular piece is unique in the sense that it also serves as the player’s self-heal.There are some really neat loot triggers tied to Lifestones that make self-preservation a balancing act in Godfall. Players can equip 1 Lifestone in their loadout. Lifestones have a set number of charges. Charges are restored through combat. 
  • Layer 4 -> Battle Banner – Battle Banners are another charge-based piece of loot, similar to the Lifestone. When placed, these banners can either provide buffs to yourself and nearby allies, or debuffs to nearby enemies. Battle Banners are one of the most powerful co-op tools a player will have. That said, they will still pack a powerful punch in solo play. 
  • Layer 5 -> Augment Constellation – An Augment Constellation is essentially an empty skill grid that the player fills in themselves. They fill the constellation with augments, unique pieces of loot that provide incredibly powerful benefits.”

Augment Constellations

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It’s not all just about the loot vector “layers” though, because you’ll also have the ability to upgrade your character’s skills and strengths thanks to Augment Constellations.

“Each Valorplate has a unique Augment Constellation,” Heyne tells us. “Augment Constellations are made up of 10 nodes. Nodes will be either red, green, blue, or white.

“You must match the nodes to matching color augments:

  • Red augments will increase a player’s Might.
  • Green augments will increase a player’s Vitality. 
  • Blue augments will increase a player’s Spirit.
  • Any color augment can be plugged into white nodes. 

“Augments will also have a ‘Power Drain’ value associated with them and your Valorplate will have a Power Capacity.

“The most powerful augments will have a higher power drain. Players will be challenged to carefully deliberate where to best invest their Valorplate’s Power. As you level up, your Valorplate’s Power Capacity will increase.”

Godfall’s endgame

Credit: Gearbox Software

As with any game which features online play, developers need to ensure that there’s enough meat on the bones to keep players coming back for more. We wanted to know what Godfall has in store for players once the core game is complete and, thankfully, it seems like Godfall’s endgame aims to keep gamers happy for a long time to come.

“Our aim is to create engaging end game loops that will continue to challenge and reward players. The battle isn’t over once you defeat Macros,” teases Heyne.

“One example of this is Tower of Trials. Tower of Trials (ToT) is a rogue-like end-game challenge mode accessed within The Monolith. It can be played solo or co-op. As players complete the combat trials and progress up the elevator in the center of The Monolith, the enemies will get stronger. Luckily, the players can earn Boons and Item Rewards on their way up.”

Explaining in further detail, Heyne says: “Players first complete the Elevator Encounter Trial by defeating waves of enemies to be rewarded with Keys, a currency specific to ToT, and will get reset to 0 when the player exits ToT.

“Players then choose the type of reward they’d like to earn next by picking a doorway with the corresponding Reward Type‘s icon on it. There are several types of Reward Types that the player can earn, but only if they walk through the doorway and defeat the Room Encounter Trial.”

Credit: Gearbox Software/GameByte

The Room Encounter Trial will offer a different type of gameplay, with Heyne promising it doesn’t have a time limit, and has an arena space which is larger than that of the Elevator Encounter area.

Defeating all the enemies will spawn the Reward Type noted on the doorway and voilà – it’s yours for the taking.

“Many times a chest that requires a certain number of keys to open can spawn as well,” says Heyne, adding that players are allowed to progress back to the Elevator Encounter once they’ve defeated the Room Encounter Trial. This will allow players to “interact with the center console to go up a floor and trigger the next trial.”

Godfall may be launching soon, but it seems that Counterplay Games still has some announcements to come before the big day.

“We are looking forward to sharing more details on additional end game modes, like Dreamstones, in the near future,” teases Heyne.

Godfall releases on PC and PS5, November 12 2020.

Featured Image Credit: Gearbox Software/GameByte