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‘Goodbye PS4’ YouTube Video Is A Celebration Of Gaming

A fan has made a tear-jerking tribute video saying goodbye to the PS4 now that the current-gen PS5 has landed worldwide. The emotional video features some of the best highlights from the console, and it’s already making waves online.

With the launch of the new console generation already underway many of us have said goodbye to the PS4 thanks to PS5’s availability to play almost any PS4 game.

Art by OBlackThunderO
Credit: Twitter: OBlackThunderO

To celebrate the beloved console, a fan has created a video highlight-reel showcasing some of its most iconic games, and it’s an emotional rollercoaster.

The video in question [via ComicBook] was created by YouTube channel Gameplay No Commentary, and lasts just shy of three minutes.

The fan-made tribute video highlights various beloved classics such as Bloodborne, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima and of course, Knack.

Check it out below!


Some in the comments have labelled the video as an emotional goodbye to the PlayStation 4 generation.

Perhaps I am somewhat desensitised, but if you’re one of the millions of gamers that can’t get hold of a PS5, “emotional goodbyes” probably aren’t a thing right now.

As one user commented on the video: “Never say goodbye. I bought PS4 pro last year and I am gonna continue playing it for another 3 years. Plenty to explore!!”

Fan art by OBlackThunderO
Credit: Twitter/BT_BlackThunder

Still whether you’re saying goodbye or just watching tribute videos for a nostalgic recap, it’s nice to look back at the amazing games the PlayStation 4 has been able to bring us since 2013.

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An image of both versions of the PlayStation 5, with two DualSense controllers
Credit: PlayStation

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