Google are Working on a Gaming Platform Which May Take on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam

There have been rumours of the PS5 and its specs being leaked and the announcement that Xbox are working on a new Xbox. However there may be a new player in the game and it’s a big one. There have been reports that Google is looking to move into the gaming space in a big way.

They apparently have three aims that they want to achieve with their new gaming platform:

  1. A Streaming Platform
  2. A Hardware branch – potentially a console
  3. Recruit Game Developers

Google already own the Play Store for android devices which is a huge market in itself. They were also looking to purchase before Amazon purchased it from under their nose.

Gaming is a huge market and is still growing and it makes sense for Google to want to stretch out into that market. However having to take on established brands with incredibly loyal fanbases in the console space would be a tough nut to crack.

One report has said that they will have a gaming streaming service which will make high end games able to be played on low end computers. Nvidia GeForce Now is a similar system but not very established as of yet. This streaming system means that the rendering graphics of the game would be done elsewhere by top tier PC’s and then streamed back to you. If Google does move into this space you could be playing any AAA game on a tab in Google chrome in the next couple of years. That would be insane.

We will of course be following this story closely and updating you as we learn more. Would you be interested in a Google console?