Google Has Finally Revealed Its Gaming Platform And It’s Called Stadia

Google has just unveiled its highly-anticipated games ‘console’ in a recent conference at GDC. The catch here is that it turns out it’s not a console at all, but an entirely digital system that you can access from your Google Pixel, your tablet, or your laptop to play AAA games however you like via streaming. We are truly living in the future.

Credit: Google

Named Stadia, the platform is looking seriously impressive, and you won’t even need to buy any hardware unless you want to (and maybe you should, because the Stadia controller can upload directly to YouTube via a ‘share’ button).

The first game announced for Stadia is the one and only Doom Eternal, which is going to be a serious test of the power of Stadia, but if anyone can successfully stream a AAA game, it’s Google.

Credit: Google

Google boasts that the streaming platform is actually more technically impressive than both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and Stadia will also support full cross-play across all platforms – including saves and progression.

If Sony and Microsoft weren’t worried about Google’s foray into the gaming market, now might be the time…

Credit: Google

What do you think about Stadia, and do we have a competitor here for the gaming giants that are the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Do we have a competitor for next-gen consoles?! So many questions, and such a short conference.

Stadia will also be looking into new ways of sharing specific elements of your play. Whether you want to share your gameplay to thousands or just to your buddy, you can create a Shareable Moment with a new feature called State Share that’ll translate your play into a link for you to do whatever you like with.

Stadia will be releasing in 2019.

Check it out in full below!

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Google