Gotham Knights Will Have ‘Living, Breathing & Evolving Open World’

The recently-announced Gotham Knights has been showcased on the official PlayStation blog, giving excited gamers all the inside info on the upcoming title.

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Though it’s not the Batman Arkham game that fans were hoping for, there’s still a lot to get excited about with Gotham Knights, even if the bat-winged hero himself is apparently dead when the game takes place (though I’m not buying that for a second).

Over on the PlayStation blog, creative director Patrick Redding has discussed what we can expect to see from the game, touching on the heroes we’ll play as, character progression and more.

Credit: WB Montreal

Perhaps most interesting is Redding’s explanations of the world of this new Gotham City, which the blog describes as being “an evolving open world with a living, breathing ecosystem.”

According to Redding, one of the team’s priorities has been creating a Gotham that fans believe is real, filled with NPCs living their lives and even completing simple day-to-day tasks like visiting the grocery store or getting stuck in traffic.

The open world of Gotham City will consist of five boroughs, and is heavily inspired by all canon DC visualisations of the city, including comic books, movies, games and shows.

“It’s going to serve up a ton of variety, a ton of complexity that you can keep evolving, modifying and adding to as the player advances through the story,” Redding tells the blog.

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As for the enemies prowling these streets, well, they’ll level up as your character does, encouraging players to “think about every fight.”

“We wanted to make sure that every encounter, no matter where it is, provides those kinds of choices,” explains Redding.

Credit: WB Montreal

Gotham Knights will focus on the Court of Owls storyline from the original DC comics. The game will release in 2021 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

Featured Image Credit: WB Montreal