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Wholesome Adventure Game ‘The Kind Camomille’ Smashes Kickstarter Goal

Kickstarter is where many indie games find their financial feet, and while not all projects are successful, some absolutely blow their goals out of the water.

Adventure game The Kind Camomille is in the latter of those two camps, having been fully funded in just 36 hours and going on to raise a whopping £10,000 GBP before the end of the campaign.

Credit: Xavier Moiny

Coming from solo indie developer Xavier R Moiny, The Kind Camomille is a game which will focus on relaxation, exploration and doing nice things to help others. Awww!

You’ll play as Camomille the kind mouse, collecting goodies by helping your animal friends in need in order to fill your gift basket for your Grandma Rosie’s 100th birthday.

Credit: Xavier Moiny

Giving off some serious A Short Hike vibes, The Kind Camomille sports a charming aesthetic and wonderful design choices even at this early stage in the game’s lifecycle.

As Xavier explains on the Kickstarter page, The Kind Camomille is designed to help you relax, unwind and enjoy the little things in life.

“From the colors, to the design or even the music, everything is crafted with care to lift up the spirit and for you to have a pleasant time on The Island. Every resident on The Island looks out for each other and every creature lives in peace,” says Xavier.

“The Island is an inviting open world for you to discover at your own rhythm. Set forth to discover all the vistas, walk on the beach, run like the breeze through the fields, surprise animals down a path in a forest and search every nook and cranny The Island has to offer.”

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With a planned release date of August 2021, you can wishlist The Kind Camomille on Steam right here. A Nintendo Switch version of the game is also hoped to be coming too, but for now, there’s also the free Steam demo to get stuck into!

Featured Image Credit: Xavier Moiny