Gran Turismo 7 Menu Books Explained

Gran Turismo 7 Menu Books are the primary way that you’ll unlock new features in Gran Turismo 7. To access them, you’ll want to head to the Cafe from the main map menu. It’s the first thing you unlock and is located at the very centre of the screen. It’s impossible to miss!

Once you’ve been to the Cafe, you’ll be introduced to the owner. He’ll then present you with your first Menu Book. These will give you objectives to complete that usually involve unlocking a series of themed cars.

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Gran Turismo 7 Menu Books – how to complete them

Thankfully, Menu Books make it super easy to see what you have to do next. Simply look for the small yellow dot that appears above the menu that you have to visit next. It might be that you have to complete three races in the World Circuit menu. Alternatively, it might be that you need to tune up a car in the Tuning Shop. Watch out for some Menu Books that take you to the Challenges and Licences menu, too.

It’s definitely worth following the Menu Books to unlock the core features of Gran Turismo 7. If you’ve just loaded up the game and are wondering where the multiplayer options are, chances are you haven’t unlocked them yet. Simply continue completing Menu Books and you’ll get there eventually.

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