GTA 5 and Elden Ring could be headed to Xbox Game Pass

Update 11/08/22: It seems that the Xbox Cloud Gaming logo appearing on certain games including Elden Ring was a bug.

We’re aware of a bug that incorrectly displayed some titles as available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate,” a Microsoft rep told Eurogamer. “We rolled out a fix and this is now updated.

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Original article 10/08/22: GTA 5, Elden Ring and Soul Hackers 2 could be headed to Xbox Game Pass in the near future, at least the cloud portion. That’s according to the Cloud Gaming beta page.

Twitter user Knoebel wrote about the possibility of GTA 5, Elden Ring as well as Souls Hackers 2 coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

However, the games also have an “Xbox Game Pass” banner attached to the store pages too, leaving speculation of them coming to the subscription service. It could be a case of the games’ mobile pages updating sooner than the console or website pages.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription tier. We’re waiting on official confirmation if these games are just coming to Cloud Gaming or will also be included in the standard Game Pass library.

Xbox Cloud gaming is getting even better!

Let’s say you already own both Elden Ring and GTA 5 digitally, if they were Cloud enabled you will be able to stream the games. This means of course, that you don’t have to download the games to your hard drive. In turn, this frees up precious storage space. Happy days.

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Whereas Soul Hackers 2 isn’t even out yet. Sure, this JRPG from Atlus could be included in Xbox Game Pass at some point. However, at the very least, with it also being Cloud enabled, it would be super convenient. Soul Hackers releases this month on August 23rd.

Could an announcement be made at Gamescom?

At this time, Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed this news. However, considering that they all have Cloud Gaming Beta logos, it seems like the announcement is only a matter of time. Could we see the announcement made at Gamescom later this month? Only time will tell.

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Playing the likes of GTA 5 as well as Elden Ring not only streaming from the console, but also to a mobile device is a very exciting prospect indeed.

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