GTA Online Player Meets Unfortunate Fate Due To Gate Glitch

A GTA Online player was skyrocketed into the sky and wasted because of an odd glitch involving a gate and a motorbike.

It was an average day of GTA Online for Reddit user thedogylt. They were minding their own business, going about a mission. But GTA Online doesn’t like to make things easy for players, and when thedogylt was met with a gate, they met their match.

You can check it out in the clip below, but essentially, for some odd reason the gate shot thedogylt up into the sky and immediately wasted them. It all happens pretty fast, so a rewatch might be needed to properly get a hold of what went down.

The most likely reason for the glitch occurring is because a motorbike was parked in front of the gate. As a result, the gate struggles to open properly. Why that propelled thedogylt up into the sky causing an immediate death, we’ll never know. Games are just weird like that sometimes, so we have to roll with the punches. 

Of course, a game as big as GTA Online is bound to have a number of glitches. In general the series is littered with them. It just comes with the territory of being an open world game. The recent release of GTA 3 in the GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition even had a glitch from the original game. This glitch would see your car increasing in size by wiggling it side to side while driving. But it was actually a part of another glitch which would allow your car to drive through any object. If there’s anything we can count on with GTA, it’s weird glitches.

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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games