GTA Online Will Give You $1M Of Free In-Game Money This Week

The whole world might be gearing up for the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, but it seems Rockstar are still showing some love to Grand Theft Auto Online.

Announcing the news on its blog, Rockstar has confirmed that it’ll basically be throwing free in-game dollars at anyone who logs into GTA Online this week.

Thanks, Rockstar!

The blog states: “Players who pre-order any digital edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 from the PlayStation or Microsoft Store by October 15th can jump in GTA Online anytime this week to earn an extra cash bonus of GTA$1,000,000 on the same platform as their digital pre-order.

“Any players who have already pre-ordered digital editions of Red Dead Redemption 2 are also eligible to unlock this bonus cash just by playing GTA Online by October 15th on the same platform as their digital pre-order. Rewards will be deposited into Maze Bank accounts starting October 16th and no later than October 22nd.”

The money doesn’t end there though, as two Red Dead Redemption 2-themed challenges will also bring you in some serious dollah.

There’s the Stone Hatchet and Double-Action Revolver challenges which each offer a bonus $250,000 when completed any time this week, with another $250k available next week.

You can double your money on all four of the remixed Adversary Modes through 15th October, and there’s also a 2x boost for Nightclub Income if you happen to own a nightclub.

Check out the full details on the official website right here.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out in just a couple of weeks time, launching on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, 26th October 2018.

So far, it’s been blowing fans away with its incredible detail. The game is expected to revolutionise the way we play similar titles in the future, with a vast environment and responsive NPCs to make each playthrough an entirely different adventure.