GTA V Has A New Mod That Makes The Game Look Exactly Like Real Life

Grand Theft Auto 5 is, and always will be, one of the best games ever created. Despite now being a relatively old title, it’s still always getting new life thanks to the hard work of fans and modders who work tirelessly to revamp and restyle the game.

Now it seems one of the most beautiful mods that’s ever graced the face of the planet has just been released, and it truly is a GTA masterpiece.

The mod, from creator L00, is essentially a completely photo-realistic view of San Andreas – in fact, it’s actually called PRSA– and it couldn’t be any more perfect.

PRSA is “an all-in-one and sophisticated visual enhancer, compatible with all weather and lighting mods, using custom shaders to offer the most natural and realistic visuals possible as a base to emulate photograph & movie pipeline.”

It even boasts “endless” different looks, and uses “accurate reproduction of cameras, films, colorgrades and postprocessing,” to help create an amazing gaming experience that really is second-to-none.

The labour of love current boasts a solid 5/5 stars on GTAV-Mods, and is already getting a lot of attention, despite having only been available for around 24 hours.

“Stunning ! This is by far one of the best (if not the best) reshade / photo preset of the GTA communiy, congratulations :),” commented one user of the site.

“You make rockstar look like a joke,” commented another impressed fan.

This is definitely one of the most breathtaking¬†Grand Theft Auto 5 mods we’ve ever seen!

Check out the release trailer below, and if you want to try it out for yourself, you can download the mod and find full details and installation instructions right here.

YouTube video

Will you be checking this out? Let us know what you think about this Grand Theft Auto mod in the comments!