Guardians Of The Galaxy Trophy Guide: How To Win Your Bet With Rocket

As you play through Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you might find that there are a few missable trophies or achievements along the way. In the new Square Enix game’s first chapter, the first of those trophies is the politely named “Eat it, Rodent!”. If you hadn’t guessed already, it’s to do with your cocky “definitely not a racoon” team member, Rocket. As Star-Lord, Rocket and Groot traverse through the Nova Corps quarantine zone, you encounter one of many clusters of maggoty, ship-eating parasites. Soon after Rocket challenges you to a who-can-shoot-the-most contest, he integrates your visor with a scoreboard. Because of course he does. Your bet with Rocket commences!

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Want to try before you buy? Our premiere of the first 90 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy’s gameplay includes us winning the bet with Rocket too! The bet starts just after the 32:45 mark.

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You’ll need to keep an eye out

Whilst you wander through the rest of the level, you need to be on the lookout for parasites as you go. Rocket won’t take pity if you don’t pay attention, so you can’t take your eyes off the prize. Otherwise, his score will creep up in no time.

That’s where your trusty visor comes in. You’ll have hopefully already gotten used to the visor’s main purpose. Highlighting key environmental objects in yellow, those gross-looking bundles of points are included. Rocket will absolutely guilt trip you every other time you use the visor, but don’t listen. There aren’t any actual consequences that come from using it. Plus, not using the environmental visor mode in your first playthrough would be detrimental to your success.

During the remainder of this part in the chapter. There are numerous nests of these parasites to look out for, a couple of these being massive enough to turn the tide.

guardians of the galaxy rocket bet visor mode
Credit: Square Enix
  • After you’re separated and reunited with Rocket and Groot, you’ll command the latter to create a bridge across for the first time. When you walk across, immediately turn right and shoot down the three nests meeting you right ahead. If you instead go to grab the crafting components on the left after crossing the bridge, Rocket won’t wait. He’ll quickly shoot down all three and go “Boom! Right under your nose, Quill!”. Ouch.
  • The next is right after you come across the giant robot head of a Kree Sentry. You’ll know when Rocket goes into a mini history lesson about it. Then, you’ll walk up the ramp and along the path that curves towards the Sentry Wreckage. Before you follow the right bend near the top, though, look on your left. You’ll see one of those spore clumps to shoot down and free a metal panel as a mini bridge. You’ll find two clusters free for you to and your blasters to claim.
guardians of the galaxy rocket bet sentry
Credit: Square Enix
  • As you jump over the ledge right before the Groot-bridge, keep an eye-and-visor out for two VERY missable nests.
  • Have Groot sprout a bridge into that robot eye socket. Quickly walk across it before Rocket so you can get a head start on the mother load. In this large room, up and above the walkways, in various nooks and crannies, there’s about 32 nests to shoot down altogether. Rocket will be almost as proactive as you are, so you’ll never be able to get more than about 75% of them. That’s even with your visor on. Still, this room alone can be more than enough to secure you lead.
  • If you’ve only just managed to overtake Rocket, he’s about to make things more difficult. Following the next combat encounter after installing the next “Thumper”, Rocket will award himself 5 extra points. Because of course.
guardians of the galaxy rocket bet main room
Credit: Square Enix
  • When Groot gets separated from you and your rodent competitor, you’ll have your last major chance to score points. As soon as you’re facing the mining ship you’ll need to head towards, there’ll be 10 more nests.
  • You’re almost done now. As you and Rocket make your way through the fan, there will be 4 extra clusters to shoot. All whilst Peter makes pew-pew noises. Delightful.
  • As you and Rocket fall down the slope as you’re nearly at the mining ship, there’ll be a very-very missable cluster on the way down. He SAYS it doesn’t count if they’re dead, but c’mon, it does.
  • The last but not least is after you make your way up into the ship. As soon as Rocket turns on the power, the last singular cluster of parasites will be right in the room. As soon as you or Rocket shoot it down, the contest is over.

After that last cluster, the contest is over. If your score was higher, the trophy or achievement will pop up. Congratulations, you son of a scut!

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix