Hacker Gets Original Xbox Emulator To Run on Nintendo Switch

It’s technological wizardry!

Credit: Voxel9

A hacker and tech aficionado by the name of Voxel9 has seemingly found a way to get original Xbox games to play on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s all thanks to some technological wizardry.

Credit: Microsoft/Nintendo

In a YouTube video entitled “XQEMU Xbox emulator running on the Nintendo Switch (L4T Linux)”, [via Kotaku] Voxel9 writes:

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“Yep, you read the title right, XQEMU successfully compiles and runs on a Nintendo Switch running the new updated Linux4Tegra Ubuntu. More specifically, I’m running mborgerson’s performance WIP branch, as it currently contains some much more faster optimizations than the master XQEMU branch.

“For those wondering what exactly I was using for input, I had to use a PS4 controller, as joy-cons connected as a pair don’t appear to have an SDL2 gamepad mapping for them, making them undetectable by the emulator.”

Credit: YouTube/Voxel9

The result is something seriously impressive, and it could mean a lot for the future of the Nintendo Switch, and the direction is might be headed for.


Check out the video in all its glory below.

XQEMU was created not too long ago, and it’s since become a hugely popular way to emulate the original Xbox games of old.

One of the limitations of XQEMU is that it’s only – usually – available for PC, with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One being capable of playing the OG Microsoft titles thanks to the company’s devotion to backwards compatibility.

Voxel9, however, has found a hugely impressive way to get XQEMU to function on the Nintendo Switch – and the experiment includes not just the Xbox console’s Home functions, but also one or two of its games.

Credit: Microsoft

It just goes to show that the Nintendo Switch can be a mammoth piece of tech when in the right hands.

Maybe this is a step Nintendo will be looking at in the future…?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Voxel9

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