Half-Life Alyx is reportedly coming to PSVR2

Half-Life Alyx is reportedly coming to the PSVR2. If these rumours are true, it could be a massive acquisition for Sony’s upcoming headset.

After a 13-year hiatus, a new Half-Life finally arrived in 2020 with a prequel story starring Alyx Vance, daughter of Dr. Eli Vance. The story of Half-Life Alyx took place between the events of the original game and its 2004 sequel.

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Many fans missed out on Half-Life Alyx

Despite reaching high critical acclaim, Half-Life Alyx probably wasn’t the game that many fans had hoped for. Sure, it would be a high-quality gaming experience. Sadly, in order to play Half-Life Alyx, you need a high-end VR headset as well as a top-tier PC.

This means that many fans that have been waiting well over a decade for a new Half-Life game, were never able to play this prequel. However, there may be some hope for fans that missed out on playing this PC exclusive, that’s if recent rumours are to be believed.

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According to a report from The Leak (thanks Push Square), it is claimed that Sony is working on a deal with Valve to bring Half-Life Alyx to the PSVR2.

Sources claim Sony has struck a deal

Our source has told us that Sony were in negotiations with Valve about Half-Life: Alyx for a long time before reaching a settlement,” claimed sources of The Leak. Furthermore, the source implies that Sony has “bought the rights to have it published.

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Credit: Valve

Details on the rumours are very vague, so we should take the speculation with a pinch of salt. That being said, if Half-Life Alyx does come to the PSVR2, it will likely be a major system seller.

However, at the time of writing, the PlayStation VR still doesn’t have a price. We know that it will require a PS5 to run, so all in, it will likely be a costly package. Sony recently confirmed that the PSVR2 will launch in early 2023.

Fans are still waiting for Half-Life 3

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Half-Life 2 was released in 2004 with the last chronological entry arriving in 2007 with Episode 2 which ended on a major cliffhanger. There was supposed to be an Episode 3, which would then hopefully result in Half-Life 3.

Yet 15 years later, fans are still waiting for that story to conclude, and no, I will never stop talking about Half-Life 3. Make it happen Valve, make it happen. Please.

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Featured Image Credit: Valve/Source: Push Square via The Leak