PlayStation VR2 will release in early 2023, confirms Sony

PlayStation VR2 will release sometime in early 2023, Sony has confirmed on social media. However, we still do not have a price.

PS VR2 was announced earlier in the year alongside Horizon: Call of the Mountain. This is a standalone game set in the Horizon world, but will not feature Aloy as the playable lead. Aloy however, is expected to make some kind of cameo in the game.

The announcement of the PlayStation VR2s release window was revealed with very little fanfare via a simple picture of the headset. The social media posts are also accompanied by the words “Coming early 2023”.

Previous PS VR2 rumours were true

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The “early 2023” release window is very vague, as its launch could be anywhere between January to April next year. That’s assuming Sony’s upcoming VR headset doesn’t suffer further delays.

According to previous reports, the PS VR2 began its production not long after its initial announcement or at the very least, shortly prior. However, more recent report have correctly predicted that the PS VR2 will be released in early next year.

Furthermore, it was also said that the launch of the PS VR2 was delayed by Sony due to a global ship shortage. Not to mention that retail stock for the PS5 still isn’t all that great, despite launching in November 2020.

playstation vr2
Credit: Sony

When will we get a price for PlayStation VR2?

Despite potential customers being able to sign up to register their interest in the PlayStation VR2 back in February this year, we’re still no closer to knowing just how much this VR kit will cost. 

One has to assume it won’t be cheap, but I think it would be helpful if Sony revealed the RRP for the PS VR2 in the coming weeks. At least then, PlayStation fans know how much money needs to be saved up.

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In related PS VR2 news, Capcom announced that both Resident Evil: Village as well as the Resident Evil 4 remake will be compatible with Sony’s snazzy new VR headset.

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