Tara Strong criticises Chris Pratt Mario casting: ‘It should be Charles’

Tara Strong says “it should be Charles” over Chris Pratt’s Super Mario casting, in support of the beloved voice actor.

Last week the first trailer dropped for the new Super Mario Bros. animated movie from the same studio that brought us the Minion franchise. However, while the debut trailer was very impressive, it wasn’t without its concerns from fans.

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The Super Mario trailer was awesome!

The Super Mario Bros. movie is a star-studded affair with the likes of Jack Black, Seth Rogan, Anya-Taylor Joy, and more all joining Chris Pratt in the latest adaptation of the popular Nintendo plumber.

While it’s not the opinion of everyone, a lot of people are not happy with Chris Pratt’s voice of Mario. It didn’t help matters when Pratt claimed his Mario’s voice is “unlike anything you’ve heard.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Chris Pratt’s voice (in my opinion) and our concerns may be eased when the movie releases next year. However, judging by the other voice actor’s efforts in the debut trailer, Pratt’s attempts could be considered lacking.

Take for example Jack Black’s voice as Bowser or Keegan-Michael Key’s voice as Toad. Both voices are very different from their natural voices. Furthermore, both ooze charm and charisma. Sadly, other than a seemingly slight Brooklyn twang, Chris Pratt’s voice is well, Chris Pratt’s voice.

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Tara Strong wants Martinet to voice Mario

Mario’s original English-speaking voice actor is Charles Martinet who has made the voice one of the most iconic and recognisable ever since he took up the role in 1991. So, it feels strange that Martinet isn’t voicing Mario in the movie, despite having a cameo.

However, leading the charge in support of Charles Martinet is legendary voice actress Tara Strong, perhaps best known for being the voice of Harley Quinn and Raven in the DC animated universe.

“It should be Charles,” tweeted Tara Strong on Twitter.

Some fans have argued that as lovable as Martinet’s voice is, the high-pitched tone of Mario might be too much to bear for a movie that is likely to run for around 90 minutes. That being said, it hasn’t stopped the French voice actor from adopting Mario’s authentic tone.

It could also be claimed that Pratt’s voice might be more tolerable for the movie’s duration, but if that were true, why hasn’t the French voice actor adopted a different tone? We can only speculate at this time.

Following on from her initial tweet, Tara Strong then called upon her community to send some love to Charles Martinet, a gesture that he very much appreciates and in turn, thanked his fans for the support.

When Is The Super Mario Bros. Movie Release Date?

The Super Mario Bros. movie will be released in cinemas on March 31st, 2023 in the UK and  April 7th in the US.

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