Halo Studio Wants People To Stop Sending Them Pizza

Yesterday we finally got the official reveal of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, coming to PC later this year.

There were rumours of the port for a while, with teases that carried on up until just a few hours before the game’s official reveal. On Reddit, one user shouted out developer 343 Industries, saying they’ll buy a pizza for the first 343 employees that comment if MCC gets announced for PC this month.

Credit: 343 Industries

It didn’t talk long for Brian Jarrard, 343’s community director to respond. He asked: “what kind of pizza are we talking about?” and later tweeted out a pizza emoji, strongly suggesting we’d be getting the game reveal we were all hoping for.

After the wrap-up of the announcement event, Inside Xbox, it seems 343’s staff were inundated with pizza from thankful fans and fellow studios. Because there’s nothing better than a meme coming to life, right?

Here’s some pizza.

Here’s more pizza.

In this picture you might be able to spot pizza.

Can you spot the pizza here?

And here – it’s pizza.

Please stop with the pizza, guys! Or at least send some GameByte’s way…




Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries