Here Are Red Dead Online’s Most Requested Features On Reddit

Red Dead Online is pretty controversial right now, with lots of people dismissing the online multiplayer and opting to stick with the offline storyline of Red Dead Redemption 2 instead.

RDO, which is still in beta, has been plagued with griefers and bugs which have left lots of players disappointed, but Reddit has come up with a list of most-wanted improvements for Rockstar to (hopefully) consider implementing in the future.

Credit: Rockstar Games

A Redditor and RDR fan by the name of Butt_Bandit (guess they’re an O’Driscoll) has created an infographic of Reddit’s “most requested features for Red Dead Online based on posts and comments from the community.”

By compiling data from Stickied Posts, Top Posts and Top Comments across various Red Dead subreddits, the user has come up with what’s apparently RDO’s five most-wanted features.

They include: Hardcore lobbies, Free Roam content, More purchasable items, varied Game Mode content and “quality of life changes.” Check out the infographic below.

Credit: Reddit/Butt_Bandit

Responding to the post, one RDR2 player lamented: “Reading that…..and knowing it doesn’t exist and is being requested isn’t selling me on the whole online portion of the game yet.

“It’s sounds like it’s a mess.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

Another added: “[Grand Theft Auto Online] didn’t have heists for years, online is going to be a mess until the re-release on the next generation of consoles.”

It’s important to remember that RDO is still in beta, and Rockstar is working hard to implement better ways of play so let’s not dismiss it just yet…

Have you been enjoying the new update?



Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games