Here’s Every Super Smash Bros. Character Recreated In Animal Crossing

A dedicated Nintendo fan has recreated every Super Smash Bros Ultimate character in Animal Crossing. We are deeply impressed.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has heaps of cool options for customising your characters. As well as a huge range of garments you can change your hair and face – as well as your gender – as often as you like. You can also use the Custom Designs app on your in-game phone to create your own patterns and clothes. Players can share and search for other player’s custom designs, too. You can then make new clothes or paint your face with intricate designs.

An Animal Crossing fan used these tools, combined with the Super Mario collaboration, to recreate every single one of the Smash Bros. Ultimate characters, as reported by ScreenRant. From Mario to Piranha Plant, the characters are incredibly fun and creative. It’s astounding!

Credit: @derrenleung

On Reddit, user u/DJ-Dez explained that they started the Super Smash Bros project last year. They then decided to complete the job after the new DLC Fighter Pass Vol. 2 was released. This was the controversial update which added Sora from Kingdom Hearts to Smash Bros. You can see them chatting about their achievement on Twitter:

Eagle-eyed Redditors noticed that there’s one character that stands out – Isabelle is not a recreation! After all, the lovely Shih Tzu is already part of Animal Crossing. I think we can let that one slide.

Which of these Animal Crossing Super Smash Bros. recreations are you? Tag yourself in the comments – I’m Yoshi hat guy!! 


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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo