Here’s Our First Look At The Halo TV Series In Action

After a long wait, we got our first look at the Halo TV series in action at yesterday’s Xbox 20th anniversary event.

The trailer shows an unclothed series protagonist Master Chief, donning his signature Mjolnir Mark VI armour. We hear a woman, presumably Cortana, greeting him with a, “Hello, Master Chief.” And a cut to a title card with the classic choir. It’s a very short teaser, only lasting about 30 seconds. But it brings with it a strong atmosphere. And it’s never a bad time when we get to hear that choir ring out. The series will air exclusively on Paramount+ in 2022.

YouTube video

343’s studio head of Halo transmedia, Kiki Wolfkill, spoke with IGN earlier this year where she spoke about adapting the series for the small screen. “Probably the biggest challenge with adapting the game is, the game is designed to put you in Chief’s armor. What we’re asking people to do with the show is sort of sit back, and we’re going to present a side of Chief that you just don’t get to play in the game.”

Like many early video game protagonists, Master Chief was a character you could almost project yourself on to. It’s sounding like that won’t be the intention for the Halo TV series. But more so it’ll be an examination of Master Chief as a character. Game adaptations have a shaky history, with very few of them proving to be even remotely good. Hopefully Halo can follow in the footsteps of Detective Pikachu and stand on its own two legs.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft