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Here’s The First-Ever Nintendo Switch OLED Model Unboxing

The first-ever Nintendo Switch OLED model unboxing is now available for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of a popular Japanese YouTuber.

In the unboxing video, not only do we get to see the super-excited face of the channel host of HikakinTV, but we of course get to see the hybrid console in all its glory. We also get to see the likes of Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate running on the system.

YouTube video

Visually, the games displayed do not look all that different. However, I must admit, they do look a little shinier on the OLED screen.


The OLED screen on the new Nintendo Switch is 7-inch, compared to the 6.2-inch of the original model. The screen also puts out a 1280×720 resolution when playing in handheld mode. Docked, the visuals are the same. However, both the original Switch and the OLED model have the same amount of RAM.

nintendo switch oled
Credit: Nintendo/HikakinTV

Other improvements made to the OLED model includes an increase in system storage from 32GB to 64GB, and a LAN port is in the dock. So, you can now connect your Switch to the internet wirelessly or via an ethernet cable.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model releases next month on October 8th. It will have an RRP of £309.99 in the UK and $349.99 in the US.


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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/HikakinTV