Here’s What The World Of Warcraft Movie Director Wants To Adapt Next

World of Warcraft movie director Duncan Jones wants to adapt the classic LucasArt point-and-click adventure game Full Throttle.

Jones, who also directed 2009’s Moon, is calling on his followers to ask Disney to let him make a Full Throttle film adaptation. The director doesn’t just want to do this hypothetically either.

Tim Schafer, now known as the founder of Psychonauts developer Double Fine, was the writer of Full Throttle. One day, Schafer shared a link to a CGI fan short film based on Full Throttle. This led Jones to write an entire script adapting the game, which he shared last year.

But Disney holds the rights to the game, which is why Jones is asking fans to get Disney to let him make a film based on the LucasArt game. According to him, there isn’t an issue with money, it’s solely a rights issue.

The last we saw of anything Full Throttle was in 2017, the year the remastered version of the game was released. Various sequels were planned over the years, but nothing ever materialised. 

Also important to note is that LucasArt technically no longer exists. It was rebranded as Lucasfilm Games, but retained all of the licences it held. An Indiana Jones game is in development at Machine Games, a subsidiary of Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax. A remake of Knights of the Old Republic is also in development from Aspyr. So it seems that while Lucasfilm Games still own the rights to numerous titles, isn’t the main developer behind them.

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Featured Image Credit: Lucasfilm Games/ Disney