Here’s Where The Elder Scrolls 6 may Be Set

During Bethesda’s press briefing, we got to learn more on what Fallout 76 is all about, we also got a new Wolfenstein game, Prey DLC and Doom Eternal was announced, quite literally bringing hell to earth. However, seeing as the last numbered entry of the beloved Elder Scrolls series was way back in 2011 with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, fans have been chomping at the bit for a new entry and at E3 we got just that, as The Elder Scrolls VI was announced.

However, despite the Director of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard being on stage revealing a host of information about the studios other newly announced games, we got no information on The Elder Scrolls VI. No sub-title, no plot details or release date, nothing. All we had to work on was a long panning teaser trailer showing the landscape of a potential new region.

From the trailer we see that the potential new region is located near the ocean, more specifically the ocean coast. This automatically rules out Cyrodiil and it’s unlikely to be Skyrim or Morrowind, as these are places that have taken centre stage quite recently in the series. Patrick rules out the regions of Black Marsh and Elsweyr, due to them not looking to feature heavy marsh lands and dense forests, respectively. He also believes that what we saw in the teaser trailer doesn’t seem to resemble anything from an Elven region, which potentially also rules out Valenwood and Summerset.

So this only leaves two potential regions, Hammerfell and High Rock. While Patrick states that both Hammerfell and High Rock both have features that match what we saw in the teaser trailer, Hammerfell is a region that features vast deserts, which is something that we never saw in the teaser trailer. Instead we saw not only tall mountains (like what is also in Hammerfell), but we also saw green landscapes with large densities of grass and trees, not to mention that the region in question was on the ocean coast of Tamriel. So this only really leaves High Rock.

High Rock also has an area called the North Cambria Plateau and Patrick points out that in the teaser trailer, there is certainly an area that resembles a Plateau. The North Cambia Plateau also features Stronghold’s and there is most definitely a Stronghold seen in the trailer. Patrick also mentions that High Rock is the home of two particular races, the Bretons and the Orcs, for which he links the “war-like” drums being heard during the opening of the teaser trailer, to that of the Orcs.

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The Elder Scrolls VI currently has no release date or window, neither does it have confirmed platforms as of yet. So some believe that our next new adventure to Tamriel will be in the next generation of consoles, so we could be in for a very long wait indeed.