Telltale Are Making Everyones Favourite Netflix Series into a Game – Stranger Things Telltale Game

Telltale games are the mastermind behinds The Walking Dead and Batman Telltale series. Telltale announced yesterday on Twitter that they will be making a Stranger Things game. It will be in the same style as the Batman and Walking Dead games they are known for but won’t be out for some time yet.

The game will be available for both Console and PC gamers. However we don’t know yet whether it will be for all consoles or specific consoles.

Telltale games have a partnership with Netflix and will also be bringing a Minecraft story mode game to Netflix for anyone with a subscription to play.

Fans of the huge Netflix franchise are obviously excited about the game. As they should be, it will be a while until the next season of the incredibly popular show gets released.

This will be the first Netflix original that has been made into a game but we can see plenty more opportunity for some more. Jessica Jones for one would be an incredible game if Netflix managed to get the correct developers in to make it.

I would also like a Bojack Horseman game but I am not exactly sure you would be able to do to make my favourite Netflix series into a fully fledged game.