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Hideo Kojima Doesn’t Understand Death Stranding, Says Hideo Kojima

The plot of the upcoming Death Stranding is so bizarre and convoluted that it’s become a bit of a meme that the game’s creator, Hideo Kojima, doesn’t even really understand what it’s actually about.

Funnily enough, it seems that Kojima agrees, after he admitted he doesn’t really know what the core of the game really is.

Credit: Kojima Productions

Speaking to the Financial Times about the title, Kojima said: “Even now, I don’t understand the game… Its world view, gameplay, they are all new. My mission is to create a genre that does not currently exist, and which takes everyone by surprise. There is, naturally, a risk in that…”

Okay so he does kind of know, but he doesn’t know. Which is basically where the rest of the world stands when it comes to the actual plot of the game.

Credit: Kojima Productions

Either way, this is the first time Kojima has been given free license to do whatever the heck he likes in a game, and I can’t wait to see just what kind of ingenious crazy he’s cooked up.

Veteran video game actor Troy Baker, who will be playing the character of Higgs in the upcoming Sony title, has also alluded to just how revolutionary the game will be.

Credit: Kojima Productions

Over on Instagram [via Reddit], Death Stranding star Norman Reedus shared a photo on which a fan commented: “Yo…is this a movie or a game?!?!”

In response, Baker wrote: “Nah, brotha. This is a whole NEW thing.”

Over on the game’s official PlayStation page, the description reads: “After the collapse of civilization, Sam Bridges must journey across a ravaged landscape crawling with otherworldly threats to save mankind from the brink of extinction. From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience for the PlayStation®4 system. 

Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner, Death Stranding will release for the PlayStation 4, November 8, 2019.

Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions