Hideo Kojima Wants To Make A Game That Evolves In Real-Time

According to an interview with SiliconEra, legendary developer Hideo Kojima wants to make a video game that evolves in real-time.

Having a game that evolves and changes in real-time would be an ambitious project. But then again, Hideo Kojima has often been about thinking outside of the box.

Kojima wants to make a game that not only changes based upon a player’s location but also their time zone. Thinking about previous games from Kojima, this is a concept that would have worked well with the likes of Metal Gear Solid 5 and Death Stranding.

For example, in MGS5 depending on the time of the day in-game, it could dramatically impact the way you approach certain missions. Then we have a game such as Death Stranding. Real-time zones could work for a game that has the player making vital deliveries as a courier.

Snake MGS
Credit: Konami

So many possibilities!

However, having a game run in real-time doesn’t have to be restricted to time zones and location. Let’s say that a player makes a choice that might impact the campaign. Elsewhere on the map not seen by the player, an NPCs story could be evolving or even environments being destroyed without the player knowing until they arrive at the location.

Having a game run in real-time can be a very vague, but ambitious concept. We see ecosystems in the background work its magic in other games. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one that implemented that aspect very well.

YouTube video

What could the future hold for Kojima Productions?

However, the concept has so much more potential now that we’re in a new console generation. Yet, if there’s one developer that might be able to pull it off, it’s Hideo Kojima. Perhaps we might see this magic work if there’s ever a Death Stranding sequel?

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Kojima Productions, but whatever it may be, it will likely feature Kojima’s own brand of innovation.

In related news, Death Stranding: Collector’s Edition releases later this month for PlayStation 5 on September 24th.

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Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions