You Can Now Emulate PS4 Games On PC

In case you were wondering what’s in store for the future of PS4 preservation, a new emulator may have the answer to that. Spine, a PS4 emulator, has finally been released online. The release includes 50 titles which appear to be playable on the software.

The PS4 emulator has been created by an anonymous user known as SpineDev. The emulator received a lot of interest on the r/pcgaming board on Reddit. As revealed by Modern Vintage Gamer, Spine does successfully run a number of games.

YouTube video

However, Spine only works in Linux and there are a number of complex steps to get the right software for both the PS4 and the games you want to play across to your PC. We also need to make clear that this should not be used for piracy, but for instead preserving the wonderful legacy the PS4 left behind.

a step forward for games preservation

While the emulator cannot run high-resolution AAA games yet, Spine does seem to be successfully running a number of 2D indie games on PC. So while you can’t expect to play God of War or Spider-Man this way yet, games like Dead Cells and Stardew Valley are performing surprisingly well.

It’s worth bearing in mind that this PS4 emulator is still early in development. It’s also a closed source program – meaning we can’t pull apart the code to see how it works and offer solutions and fixes. Spine does seem to have promised improvements and updates. Modern Vintage Gamer trialed a couple of games in the emulator and found that it was promising. 

There are a number of emulators out there for other platforms, and some platforms have got in on the game too. PlayStation Now allows you to play some PlayStation games via your PC – including those AAA games such as Bloodborne. Fan-built emulators are always popular, however, and assist in preserving games for the future.

What do you think of this breakthrough PS4 emulator? Do you think we should be using emulators or are you a platform purist? Let us know on our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Sony