Who guessed we would miss loading screens?

Horizon Forbidden West Load Times Are So Fast They’re Purposely Slowed Down

Horizon Forbidden West load times are so fast that the game purposely slows them down.

Speaking to Engadget, Guerilla Games detailed its PS4 and PS5 tech optimisations for the game. And one of the things they spoke about was how Horizon Forbidden West handles load times.

For the original game, load times could take up to a minute, but will now finish in four or five seconds on PS5. However, players relied upon the hints shown in the loading screens to help them understand the game’s systems. So Guerilla slowed them down a bit to give players a chance to read them.

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Though if you don’t need to read the tips, or just don’t feel like it, you can turn the feature off. Just hit the X button when loading is done, and you can skip the rest of the loading screen. Or just head into the game’s settings if you just want it to move quickly. Of course, this is only possible on the PS5 thanks to it’s NVMe SSD. So PS4 players will have to stick to the usual load times. 

While this is a neat little feature, things aren’t all so happy for Horizon Forbidden West. Recently, a lawyer has suggested that Sony could face some kind of legal problems over Horizon’s “deceptive” free upgrade.

The lawyer, Richard Hoeg, believes the confusing marketing over the free upgrade could result in a class action claim for potentially unlawful marketing practices. It’s because back in 2020, SIE CEO Jim Ryan said that Horizon Forbidden West would receive a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade. But the standard edition of the game doesn’t include this upgrade, meaning you need to buy more expensive versions of the game.


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Featured Image Credit: Guerilla Games