Uncharted Movie Has Moves ‘Stolen Straight From The Game’

The Uncharted movie apparently lifted some of the moves from the original games, according to Tom Holland.

During an interview released by Sony itself, Holland spoke about how the film borrowed more from the games than just the story. “There are moves in the film which are stolen straight from the game,” revealed the Spider-Man actor.

In the video, Holland then somewhat demonstrated what he was talking about. “There’s stuff like that that we stole, but the balance of trying to make it look really cool while also being believable was tricky, and there’s some creative freedom that we took.”

YouTube video

Of course, it wasn’t just the moves that were recreated for the long awaited live action take on Uncharted. We’ve seen across the trailers moments like the cargo plane sequence from the third game. 

GameByte also recently had the opportunity to review the Uncharted film. In it, we said, “The Uncharted movie, at its core, is a bland, B-tier Hollywood action adventure. But what more could you want from an Uncharted movie? If you’re a fan of the game franchise, you’ll get a kick out of the small nods to the source material… 

“If you’re not massively into the franchise, it’s messy, charted territory with a heart of gold. A fun way to spend a few hours.”

YouTube video

Uncharted might not be the only Naughty Dog film that Holland might appear in. Uncharted director Ruben Fleischer recently said that he’s working on a Jak and Daxter film, and he has spoken to Holland about it.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures/Naughty Dog