Horizon Zero Dawn Leak Could Suggest Some Changes For The Sequel 

Horizon Zero Dawn was just bloody brilliant. The gorgeous design and enticing storyline made it one of the better PlayStation 4 exclusives, and the game’s gone on to be an absolutely cash cow. It’s one of the top five highest selling PlayStation 4 games of all time, and it won multiple awards when it first released back in February last year.

The developer behind Horizon, Guerrilla Games, has been talking about expanding their small team to make way for more high-quality games in the future, and it looks like a recent job listing might be hinting at their future plans. 

The job role is listed on the official Guerrilla Games website, where it calls for a User Interface Programmer. The listing reads: “Far too often, user interfaces are the unsung heroes of any video game production. Guerrilla, the Amsterdam-based developer of the PS4 Exclusive hit Horizon Zero Dawn, is looking for a UI Programmer to join its internal UX Team and contribute to developing AAA game UIs.” 

To apply you need to have experience in working with online games and experience in shipping network enabled code. 

If you’re not well-versed in the world of game development, what the company is asking for here is someone who specialises in online gameplay. 

The ad goes on to confirm the position is for an “epic open world game,” which has gotten fans pretty excited, as that definitely could describe a second Horizon game. 


The job listing could mean the Horizon sequel will be getting some form of online gameplay, and even if the listing isn’t for a new Horizon game, gamers are eager to see what sort of offerings Guerrilla Games might have planned for the future.

If you know anyone looking for a new job…?

What would you like to see from Guerrilla Games next? A new Horizon, or something a little different?