Minecraft Movie Delayed as Director and Writer Are Replaced

Since Minecraft was introduced to the world in 2009, to say that this video game has been a phenomenon is an understatement, not just in the gaming world, but with is massive popularity as YouTube Let’s Play series’, action figures, Lego, plushies, clothing and countless other collectable memorabilia, with no signs of slowing down. It still continues to sell well across its multiple gaming platforms, whether it be in game sales or the ever releasing DLC skins, and the online player-count is as strong as ever.

So with all that said, it was only ever a matter of time until the creative, sandbox survival game was going to attempt to take Hollywood by storm and there’s little reason to doubt that it won’t conquer the movie industry too, which would result in millions of children pulling their parents to the cinema to watch Minecraft on the big screen. The Minecraft movie was announced just over four years ago and was set to release during May of 2019, though according to TheWrap, the Minecraft movie has been delayed due to the director and writer being replaced.

The movie was set to be directed and co-written by Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), but he has now stepped away from the project, along with Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman), who was the fellow co-writer. However, Warner Bros. haven’t taken long to bring in a new team with brother duo Aaron and Adam Nee (Band of Robbers), who will both direct and write the Minecraft adaptation.

Even with new directors and writers already in place, recent setbacks has put the movies existence into some doubt and with no current update as to when it will now release, it’s anyone’s guess as to when that might happen. Though I’m sure we’ll hear some kind of update in the coming months, hopefully.

But what do you make of these setbacks? Do you still believe that the Minecraft movie will release and are you or your children looking forward to when it may finally release? Let us know your thoughts across our social media channels.