Horizon Zero Dawn’s Guerrilla Games Expands To Create Games Faster

Guerrilla Games definitely made a name for itself with the release of the worldwide success of PlayStation’s Horizon Zero Dawn. 

The studio has caught the eyes (and stolen the hearts) of gamers the world over, and everyone’s eager to see any new projects that the developers might be bringing out in the future.

At the moment, Guerrilla Games has a somewhat humble team made up of around 250 employees – a relatively small number considering the success of the company and its games.

In a recent interview with Het Parool, the company’s CEO, Hermen Hulst announced that there are plans to almost double the Guerrilla Games workforce, with the aim of 400 permanent employees. 

Hulst said: “I’ve been looking for room for growth for three or four years but that is hardly possible in Amsterdam, which will be the base for Guerrilla. 

“We are going to put everything to our will. For ten years we do not have to worry about our accommodation anymore, the idea is that we will never go out here again. ”  

Speaking on the impact of Horizon Zero Dawn‘s success, Hulst added: “After [the game’s release], we are accelerating, the best talents are coming to us, and last month we have already hired nine new people, but we also needed more space for our sound and motion tracking studios.”  

It’s expected that the development team will have reached its goal of 400 employees in the next year or so, though no solid plans have yet been unveiled. 

Horizon Zero Dawn didn’t just win over legions of fans, it also won awards, including a BAFTA for Best Original Property, as well as the WGA for Best Video Game Writing. 

With an incredibly strong track record of completely unstoppable games, an expansion of the Guerrilla Games taskforce can’t be anything but good.